Human Eyelashes

Human eye has a lid on its both upper and lower side the upper side can slide down to cover the whole eye during sleep, blinking and in case when this is needed to stop any object from entering the eye. These upper and lower lids are commonly called as “Eyelids”

Both of these upper and lower lids has a row of hairs which enhances the functionality of eyelids while protecting the eye from dust, and various types of debris. These rows of hairs are commonly called “Eyelashes”.

Eyelashes are highly sensitive to touch and thus provide a warning system against any small particle or any small bug as soon as it comes near the eye and on this warning eyelids are closes of protect the eye.

Human baby born having eyelashes on its eyes that means eyelashes grow on human eye while the baby is in embryo form and the period when eyelashes start to grow is between 22nd and 25th week of pregnancy.

Like any other body hair, eyelashes never need to be trimmed because they don’t grow beyond a limit. Eyelashes fall and grow naturally without any need of trimming. In case someone’s eyelashes are pulled out for any reason it takes seven to eight weeks to grow back. In case eyelashes are pulled out repeatedly this may lead to a stage where they will not grow back and the person will lose them permanently.

Like some other body hair the eyelashes are not androgenic, so reaching to the puberty age does not affect them in any way.

Apart from being an essential part of human eye and having the main function of protecting eye from external objects, eyelashes are also considered to be a major part of human beauty. In most of the cultures worldwide the human being especially females are considered to be more beautiful if they have longer, denser and darker eyelashes. Almost in all the cultures around the world women use certain types of cosmetic products to make their eyelashes look darker in color and more visible from the distance.

To further enhance their beauty many women use fake eyelashes to make their eyes look larger and attractive. Based on the materials used the fake eyelashes can be divided into three major types.

  1. Synthetic material eyelashes
  2. Human hair eyelashes
  3. Mink fur eyelashes

As name suggests the synthetic eyelashes are made of different types of synthetic materials, synthetic materials refers to the materials which are made by human instead of found in nature. Rubber, Plastic and many other recycle able material are among those which are often used to manufacture the synthetic eyelashes.

The Human hair eyelashes, as name suggests are made of human hair. These are more natural in look when compared with the rest two types. The human hair eyelashes last longer and can be used many times if stored properly as per instructions given with the product.

Third type of eyelashes are made of the hair taken from the tail of an animal named mink. These type of eyelashes are most expensive in all three types. Due to involved animal cruelty these types of eyelashes are controversial in beauty industry.